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Equine Rehabilitation Yard

Available 24/7

We specialise in rehabilitation from injury, post-surgery and medical treatment. Working closely with you and your vet we provide personalized tailored plans that will provide the best care and rehabilitation for your horse that is proven highly successful. 


With a qualified and friendly team, providing 24 hour monitored care, we promise to make this difficult time for you and your horse as stress free as possible with best outcomes possible. 


Services we provide. 

  • 24hours monitored care

  • Controlled and personalised exercise programs

  • Long reigning / lunging

  • Schooling

  • Hand walking

  • Horse walker

  • 4m x 4m stables

  • Isolation unit 

  • 60 x 40 arena

  • Field turn out

  • Nursing paddock

  • Box rest

  • Physiotherapist on site

  • Remedial farrier 

  • Ice boots

  • Wound care

  • Electrotherapies

    • Ultrasound therapy

    • Pulsed magnetic therapy

    • Phototherapy laser

  • Kinesiology therapy

  • Water treadmill (off site)

  • Swimming pool (off site)



Each horse has a specialised, personalised plan tailored individually. For more information please get in contact to discuss the need of your horse.

Case Studies
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