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Equine Physiotherapy

Proactive and Positive

Horses are athletes from the family hack and pony, to show jumping, eventing, racing, dressage and showing. They can pull muscles on a regular basis, whilst ridden, in the stable or out in the field, therefore can benefit from regular physiotherapy. 

Signs that your horse might need physiotherapy

  • Change in behaviour

  • Resentment to tacking up

  • Napping, rearing or bucking

  • Poor performance, shortened stride, stiffness

  • Unwilling to move forward, in transitions, whilst ridden

  • Saddle and ill fitted tack problems

  • Uneven shoe wear

  • Muscle loss

Common conditions that benefit from physiotherapy

  • Tendon/ligament injuries

  • Back problems

  • Filled legs

  • Abnormal behavior, bucking, napping etc

  • laminitis

  • Bone spavin

  • Infected wounds

  • Fractures

  • Muscle asymmetry


Whether your horse is recovering from injury or surgery, has a long term chronic condition, is elderly or has suffered a loss in performance, or would just like your to have a check up, I can carry out a full assessment and provide treatment and an appropriate treatment plan.

Full gait Analysis 
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