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Electrotherapies, laser


Electrotherapies are used in line with other physiotherapy methods, they help optimise the healing process within the body. There are many types of electrotherapies that can be used mobile, or can be used on the rehabilitation yard.

Laser therapy

Red light laser and blue light laser

Laser therapy uses specific light photons to stimulate the light sensitive elements in the tissues. The cells absorb the light photons this results in enhanced repair and regeneration of tissues and the speed of healing. 

  • Enhances wound healing

  • Pain relief

  • Scar reduction

  • Enhances the healing of tissues/tendons/ligaments

  • Treats trigger points

  • Reduces muscle spasms increases circulation

  • Assisting with joint problems

  • Post-operative healing 

And many more

Blue light laser therapy has the shorted wavelength therefore has the least penetration of the tissues. Blue light is used for an antibacterial effect on dirty or infected wounds. 

  • Kills bacteria

  • Used on infected dirty wounds

  • Used on skin infections e.g. mud fever

  • Pain relief 


Ultrasound therapy 

Ultrasound therapy is applied using a transducer. A water-based gel is applied and acts as conductor and assists with wave transmissions. Ultrasound uses high energy sound waves into desired tissues. The sound waves vibrate the tissues to achieve the desired outcome. Ultrasound can reach to deep muscles and tissues. 

The main benefits of ultrasound therapy:

  • Increasing the  blood flow to the injured area

  • Enhances the healing of tissues/tendons/ligaments

  • Massages soft tissues

  • Reduces scar tissues

  • Stimulates tissue regenerations

  • Treats trigger points

  • Reduces muscle spasms 


Pulse Magnetic therapy 


Pulsed magnetic therapy uses the pulsed magnetic field to help healing. 

The main benefits of Pulse Magnetic therapy:

  • Helps restore damaged cells

  • Aids fracture repair

  • Enhances nerve damage repair

  • Reduces swelling and oedema

  • Repairs soft tissue /tendon/ligament

  • Repairs hard tissues / bone

  • Pain relief



TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) Machine

Is mainly used for pain relief 


NMES (Neuromuscular electrical stimulation) Machine

NMES targets the muscle itself, specifically through the motor nerves, this allows the machine to create a muscle contraction. It is used for muscle strengthen, retraining and controlling oedema. 

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