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Appointment guidelines


There has been a few changes to appointments to stick to strict social distancing rules. Please see information sheet.
These are to keep both you and me safe so that we can still treat your horses. 
Once appointments are booked this will be sent to you to read. 
Please make sure that you have spoken to your yard owner and they are happy for me to come on to the yard. 

Thank you for your cooperation at these hard times and I will be in contact as soon as i am able to return to work.




Hello. 😊

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. 

Following current guidelines and in hope we have more of an update this weekend. 
I am currently organising and planning to be back at work in next couple of weeks. 

As i am aware some things are an emergency - i do have measurements in place where i can come to see a horse in an emergency!! 
This is following all safety guidelines provided by the government. So please get in touch if there is anything i can help with. 

I cant wait to be back with all of you and your horses 😁 Thank you for all those who have been in contact and bearing with us in these tough times. 

Keep well and safe. 😁 we will back in the saddle soon!!

End of Maternity Leave


Hello 😊 🐴 🐶

I Hope you are all well and keeping safe! 
I am coming to the end of my maternity leave, and although I can not work at the moment due to the Covid-19 government guidelines, I have got a list of people and animals to contact for appointments as soon as it is safe and legal to work. 

If you would like to be put on the list for me to contact as soon as this is over please get in touch. 

Feel free to contact me for any questions or advice or just for a chat 😊

I hope your all still getting to see you’re lovely animals and enjoying the sun as much as possible! 

I am looking forward to be back working as soon as possible! 😊


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